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The 7 P's of Marketing

Marketing. How, what, when, who? Sometimes the very thought of Marketing can be somewhat daunting and where to even begin can seem almost overwhelming!

In an industry saturated with clever gimmicks and punchy lines, how does a business ensure they keep ahead of the competition and hook their target audience?

You may or may not be familiar with 'The 7 Ps of Marketing', but we are going to give you a brief guide on what they are and how we believe using Promotion staff can be a really strategic way to ensure your marketing strategies are maximised!

Let it be? Murphy's Law

‘Ever had one of those days where everything seems to just go wrong? You overslept, the traffic is bad.. you stub your toe and you just know, today is not going to be your day?! Or what about professionally speaking when a colleague is off sick, you’ve lost your work you’ve spent hours creating and your computer decides to take the day off?

You are not the only one, these annoyances happen to us all from time to time and it’s almost always at a time you are in a hurry or have something important looming!

Much the contrary to popular belief, you are not misfortunate or cursed with ‘bad luck’, there’s an actual term for these types of occurrences; ‘Murphy’s Law’, ‘If anything can go wrong, it will’.

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