How to make your business stand out

In a society where competition regularly claims to be number 1, it’s difficult to differentiate and build your own identity. Effective differentiation is one of the main challenges that smaller businesses face, as they are forced to compete against big companies.

Here we look at a few ways to enable your business to stand out from the crowd.

Customer service – Treat your customers like royalty, even if you are not in the service industry. All customers have an expectation of great service, regardless of what industry you operate under.

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Admit mistakes and remedy issues to build stronger relationships – Customers equate their personal experience with a brand. If they have even one bad experience that remains unresolved, they will not use that brand again. Negative feedback spreads like wildfire, particularly in today’s world with social media; customers now have a far larger platform to voice their grievances and to be heard by potentially millions of others! You need to be on top of customer satisfaction and experience and sometimes this means being wiling to go totally out of your way to achieve this. Customers prefer customers who acknowledge and remedy mistakes and if handled correctly, relationships can actually be strengthened as a result.

Honesty about your products and services – Honesty should be your main policy, not just the ‘best one’. Can’t deliver on time? Call you customer to apologise. The list for this is endless, solve the problem, don’t ignore it! If customers catch you lying, they will lose faith in you and may even spread negative feedback about you and your business.

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Come with something new – Continue to reinvent your company by merging technologies and introducing new processes and solutions. Make use of social media and mobile apps, stay ahead of the competition and don’t allow your business to stagnate.

Offer a guarantee – Can you guarantee next day delivery? Are you confident enough in your product and/or services to stand behind it 100%? Adding this type of assurance to your marketing message shows customers that you genuinely care about their satisfaction, just make sure you can back-up what you are offering!

Standing out of competitors is no easy task, in choosing one or more of these tactics, you can create an advantage to your venture. You may have begun creating you own when reading these few hints and that’s great! The Fundamental here is to keep current, keep moving, back up what you say and ultimately, believe in your business and what you are offering!

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