Take the spotlight at trade shows with a brand ambassador.

When you’ve invested time, money and energy into showcasing your brand at a trade show, you’ll rightly want to ensure you reap the rewards for your efforts.

Unfortunately, more often than not, we see many events fall short on brand presence at trade shows, especially if your competitors have stronger stands, offering more benefits and incentives to engage with their consumer.

So how can you maximize your event?

By opting to use a professional brand ambassador!

In this article, we discuss a few examples of the benefits a BA can provide to enable you to optimize your trade show events.

Why is branding important?

The difference between a great company and a mediocre one lies in their branding. Great brands have a strong, clear image. Their brand message demonstrates their values, quality and brand attributes through every facet of their brand’s story.

Great brands invest time into their image and storytelling to their customers, delivering a consistent experience that their consumers connect with.

Brand development takes strategy, time and money and failing to invest in any of these will force even the best companies to fail.

Customers connect with brands through several markers, from social media to face-to-face marketing at events. So, it is vital that everything linked with your brand is entirely in alignment with its values and what you are trying to deliver.

Why use a professional Brand Ambassador?

When you host events in person, like at a trade show, a professional brand ambassador will act as a representative for your brand.

BAs are ready to engage with your consumer, detailing the values of the company, new product specifications and contribute to achieving your event’s objectives. BAs can perform any task from meeting and greeting, to directing traffic to your stand and handing out samples and promotional items. There are so many ways in which a BA can assist you, providing an invaluable method of support to your event and brand marketing.

It can be expensive and time consuming to maintain an in-house team of BAs attached to your existing marketing department. In opting to use a professional BA from an agency, you can access the support they offer, as and when you need them. This solution is hugely cost effective. Agency BAs have been pre-trained, gone through stringent checks and can be selected based on their alignment with your brand.

How can you receive the most benefits from using a BA?

So, you’ve taken the leap and enlisted the support of a professional BA for your event… what now?

When you’ve decided on your event and staffing, ensure you allocate time to providing detailed information for your BAs to be able to do their job efficiently.

Some of our clients opt to provide a brand brief which details the brand’s story, what the purpose of the event is and familiarizes BAs with the brand’s marketing journey so far. Some clients choose to have a zoom meeting with the ambassadors, or meet face to face with them prior to an event. There is no ‘best way’ to educate BAs on your brand, but in detailing as much as possible to them before an event, you can be confident they will have all of the knowledge required to achieve your event objectives.

One of the most important components of an event is to outline its objectives, not just for you but for your ambassadors too. Be clear about your event goals, schedules and expectations and be ready to answer any questions ambassadors may have, ensuring they are treated just as you would your employed staff.

If you’re using samples or providing promotional tools at your events, make sure that the BAs are familiar with what they are and what their purpose is prior to the event.

Discuss with them who your target demographic is and who you want samples to be given to. In considering the finer details, you will positively contribute to the overall success of your event.

Remember, ambassadors act as representatives for your brand, so the more equipped they are, the better the outcome of your event will be.

In enlisting the support of a professional BA, you can be confident your brand will be showcased in the best possible way. BAs are highly experienced in running and working at trade events. They know how to engage an audience, speak with potential consumers and direct footfall to your stand; putting the spotlight on your brand and away from your competitors!

Choosing event staff for your brand can be time consuming. At Varii, we have eliminated this concern for you. Our expert brand ambassadors have been specially selected based on their professionalism, diligence and ability to cater to your brand’s needs.

For further details on optimizing your trade events and to discover how a brand ambassador can support you, contact us today