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What Should You Do After A Leaflet Campaign?

Congratulations! You successfully completed your leaflet drop campaign, reaching out to potential clients with your marketing materials. But what happens next? In this blog post, we will go over the critical measures to take after a leaflet drop campaign to maximise its effectiveness and return on investment.


1. Evaluate the Campaign Performance

The first step after a leaflet drop campaign is to evaluate its performance. Analyse key metrics such as response rates, conversion rates, and return on investment (ROI). Determine what worked well and areas for improvement.


2. Gather Customer Feedback

Contact customers who received your leaflets to obtain feedback. Understand their reaction to the campaign, whether they found the leaflet persuasive, and whether they took any action as a result. Use the input to improve your next campaigns.


3. Follow-Up with Leads

Businesses who received queries or expressions of interest as a result of the leaflet distribution must respond swiftly. Reach out to leads, answer any questions they may have, and walk them through the following stages of the sales process.


4. Nurture Relationships

Even for recipients who didn't immediately respond to the leaflet, it's crucial to nurture the relationship. Continue engaging with them through other marketing channels, such as email newsletters or social media, to keep your brand top of mind.


5. Track Customer Behaviour

Utilise tools like website analytics or CRM software to track customer behaviour post-leaflet drop. Monitor website visits, online purchases, or store visits attributed to the campaign. This data provides insights into customer engagement and preferences.


6. Adjust Your Strategy

Adjust your leaflet drop approach for future campaigns using the insights gained from campaign evaluation and consumer feedback. To improve outcomes and efficacy, refine targeting criteria, messaging, and distribution methods.


7. Plan for the Next Campaign

Lastly, start planning for your next leaflet drop campaign. Apply lessons learned from the previous campaign to inform your strategy. Set clear objectives, establish a timeline, and ensure all elements of the campaign are in place for success.


The effort does not cease with the completion of a leaflet drop campaign. By assessing results, getting feedback, following up with leads, developing connections, tracking consumer behaviour, changing your strategy, and planning for the next campaign, you can maximise the impact of your leaflet drop efforts and promote sustained success for your company.

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