5 On-trend Marketing Tips To Support Your Marketing Efforts.

Marketing is one industry that evolves so quickly. For any business owner, regardless of industry, it can be challenging to keep up to date with marketing best practices while being ahead of your competitors and engaging your demographic’s interest. Here we look at 5 on-trend and useful marketing tips we love, to support and optimize your marketing efforts.

1. Streamline your marketing efforts:

Most marketing budgets don’t have the capacity to explore every distribution channel all at once. We recommend looking closely at channels that have more chance of generating larger rewards to see a stronger return for your investments. Seems like an obvious choice, right? You’d be surprised at how many companies opt to go with what is popular over what works for their business. That said, sometimes it can be good to mix it up! If you’re searching for routes to evolve your existing marketing, research your audience! Identify niche channels where you’re able to determine with ease what your demographic needs. In examining Facebook groups or other social media platforms, you can reach your demographic where they are to discover what they want; thus, enabling you to cut through marketing noise to diversify your strategies with ease to reap the maximum rewards.

2. Social Media Paid Ads:

Following on from observing your demographic in their territory, Facebook and social media ads are vast becoming a popular method of advertising, with a whopping 86% of marketers already benefiting from paid ads on these platforms. Social media can be a minefield with algorithms and reach to consider but paid ads remove this hassle, ensuring you can tweak your marketing efforts to reach the exact audience you want.

Paid for ads also increase visibility, so if you’re hoping to gain or even maintain your social media presence, incorporating paid ads could be a hugely beneficial tool for your brand.

3. Content is King:

Anybody who knows anything about marketing knows that content is what makes the difference between excelling or failing with an audience. Whilst it is important to create lots of content to build a traffic base, it is equally important to deliver content that is informative, useful, and engaging…but you don’t actually need to create new content every time you post. ‘What?’, We hear you say, but seriously, no, you don’t. Look at your existing content. Are there gems that can be recycled or even ‘upcycled’ to generate a new post? Can you create an infographic or eBook guide from it? Can you filter down a blog post and re-use a paragraph for a caption on socials? If your existing content is already useful, engaging, and informative, then see the value in your existing assets and use them to their full potential.

4. Brand Advocates and BAs:

People love hearing recommendations and seeing a brand personified, so it’s a good idea to benefit from brand advocates and or enlist the support from brand ambassadors to bring life and trust to your products and services. Marketing and paid ads are a great way to broaden your reach online, but they will never compare to the power of a strong recommendation from someone a potential customer knows and trusts.

Make the most of brand advocates and BAs by creating campaigns that incentivise interest. Whether it’s a reward or referral link online, or a goodie bag those potential customers can take away from a street campaign with discount codes and testers inside; your customers are a powerful resource to reach new audiences to drive conversion.

When considering brand advocates or brand ambassadors to support your brand, they must be in alignment with your brand and its values. Many companies enlist help from paid ambassadors or influencers because they know they are receiving the perfect person to publicize their products.

5. Make changes in real-time:

It’s always been important to run performance checks on any campaign to optimize strategy but waiting until the end of a campaign to review and make changes can seriously impact the potential benefits of performance checks.

The very best marketers don’t just depend upon past campaigns to predict future efforts, they make changes in real-time based on their latest findings, ensuring you can fix performance as it’s happening rather than wasting time, energy, and money to discover at the end it’s just not useful.

Making changes in real-time is one of the most beneficial strategies any marketer can use to deliver the best results from their campaigns.

Creating optimal marketing strategies is more than just adjusting your campaigns each year. Effective marketing involves consistently reviewing what is working whilst staying up to date with best practices and trends. If you’re looking to diversify your marketing efforts and want to stay ahead of your competitors, get in touch with our team to see how we can help transform your marketing.