5 reasons why street team marketing could be what your marketing is missing!

Street team marketing could be for you if you’re looking for new marketing strategies in 2022. Rather than spending a fortune on flyering, events and paid ads, which doesn’t always work, a street team will engage with your customers where they work, play and live!

Street team marketing is a form of experiential marketing where staff or paid brand ambassadors will hit the streets in high footfall areas to tell people about your brand and products, face to face in a fun and engaging way. From flash mobs to walking billboards, the possibilities are endless and here we give you 5 reasons why street team marketing could be the key ingredient your marketing efforts are missing.

  1. Economical:

What makes street team marketing more advantageous over other forms of marketing is how cost-effective it is when compared to other methods of marketing. You eliminate building or venue hire and, in most areas, won’t require a permit to even begin.

Whilst it is often more advisable to use paid BAs, who are professionals when it comes to street marketing, you can use existing staff to interact with the public to shout about your brand. With street marketing, you can adjust the budget to accommodate your needs and there are no ongoing costs for street team marketing, you can simply start and finish it when you like.

What makes street team marketing, even more, cost-effective is the market research it offers you for future campaigns and marketing. In obtaining useful data directly from your demographic, you can then use this information to influence how you market long after the street campaign has finished, saving you time, resources and ultimately money because you have your data capture ready to go.

  1. Easy set-up:

Apart from researching where to set up and the ideal places your demographic likes to hang out, street team marketing is relatively easy to set up. We suggest sticking to the SMART campaign model to keep your efforts as simple as possible.

The SMART campaign model we love is Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Time.

  • Specific: How many brand ambassadors or members of staff will you use to execute your campaign? What is the messaging they are expected to deliver to your demographic? How many cities do you intend to base your campaign in? Get specific in your objectives and your campaign is off to a flying start before it begins!
  • Measurable: What are the brand ambassadors expected to achieve? 500 sign-ups to your newsletter? Data capture for customers interested in buying? Make sure your street teams have a target to work towards.
  • Attainable: Are your objectives attainable? Look at the footfall of areas you are targeting, this will give you an idea of what is realistic based on traffic in these localities.
  • Relevant: Use your existing market research to determine what will resonate most with your target audience and if you don’t have any as it’s a start-up campaign, use this as an opportunity to gain insight into who your brand is best suited to targeting.
  • Time: Make sure you are clear about time constraints and that you stick to them. Not only will this strengthen objectives for BAs and staff, but it will also force you to niche down what times are most appropriate to maximize engagement. For example, if you are creating a product for when you are on the go, it would make sense to target commuters on their way to or from work. Determining days, times and how long your campaign will run is a sure way to achieve success in your street campaign.

It really is that straightforward to plan and execute a street team campaign.

  1. Street team marketing act as your cheerleaders!

Street team marketing is an attention-seeker and a sure route to great publicity for your brand. People can’t help but talk about or share fun and expected things that happen in their day, so use this as an opportunity to cheerlead your brand. If people see branded costumes, a flash mob or something that breaks normality, they are going to take photos, share them on social media and tell their friends about what they have witnessed, so we encourage making your campaign as out there as possible to grab the attention of the public. In 2016, Event Track reported that 98% of consumers that observed a flamboyant street team campaign, shared their content, amplifying social reach way beyond the activation’s initial expected reach.

Street team marketing gets people talking about your brand, whether it’s digitally or face-to-face, providing you with free positive advertising!

  1. Make a good impression:

What would resonate more with you as a consumer? A paid sponsored post on social media, or a fun, engaging person handing out goodie bags and freebies? Using street team marketing personifies a brand, enabling you to build relationships face-to-face that resonate far more than a catchy tag line.

  1. Target your audience:

Street teams meet your target audience where they are, whether that’s work, play or where they live. In addition to this, in personifying your brand with street team marketing, you are providing a more personal and intimate experience for your consumer.

Building relationships is so important when targeting your demographic, by using street teams in the beginning stages, you are providing your brand with the best possible chance of creating a relationship and impression that lasts.


Create relationships that last:

Street team marketing offers a direct link between brand and consumer, providing a personal approach to your marketing strategies. Street team marketing doesn’t require a huge amount of time or planning to be effective.

If you would like to find out more about street team marketing or want to hire our expert brand ambassadors to support your street team campaign, get in touch with us today!