Make Your Summer Marketing HOT!

Many of our clients find that sales tend to slow down in the summer but here at Varii, we believe you can still add some sizzle to your brand by tailoring your marketing strategies to fit this season.

Some businesses hold off on any marketing provisions in the summer, trying to survive until later seasonal holidays, but with a few tweaks, your business could thrive this summer! Here are a few tips and tricks we love to make your summer marketing HOT!

  1. Geek up on your social media knowledge:

Use this time to review your social media knowledge. Check out what platforms are trending and look at what new features they’ve brought in to make sure you’re up to date on current trends. We love reviewing blogs from social media gurus like TechCrunch and Mashable but a simple Google search can offer a lot of insight into what’s trending this summer!

  1. Change your advertising targets:

Users tend to use social media differently in the summer, such as posting more vacation content and photos from events, or with their children doing outdoor activities. It makes sense to consider advertising partnerships with hotels and venues in your area, making sure your products and services are listed on their websites or socials. This could provide you with new customers that perhaps didn’t know about you before.

  1. Make more video content!

More recently, social media platforms are placing more importance on video content, so take time to create video content that showcases your brand. Stuck for ideas? Check out Instagram’s explore page for inspiration, Tik-Tok also has huge amounts of content your brand can replicate. Behind the scenes reels are becoming increasingly popular, offering insight into who you are and what you do!

  1. Street marketing.

Make the most of the glorious British weather (we can but hope) and create face-to-face campaigns that personify your brand. Simple flyer drops and sample stalls offer great benefits to local businesses and a person is much more memorable than an online ad!

  1. Offer summer deals!

Hook new clients and customers by offering hot summer deals and discounts that are only redeemable this summer. Notify your existing audience on social media or through an email campaign and get them to like and share it to gain you more reach with potential new customers. This requires a minimal budget but can provide your brand with maximum benefits!

Want to know more about making this summer hot? Contact a member of our Varii team for a free, no-obligation consultation. We can’t guarantee the weather, but we can guarantee you marketing success this summer!