5 Reasons why your business needs Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors:

Professional and credible brand ambassadors are able to offer many benefits. They can give a boost to your social media rankings, spread positive messages about your brand and influence sales.

The most effective style of BAs are those able to provide customer service and act as a spokesperson for your product and services, therefore bringing your brand to life. The rise of social media has seen a rise in the ‘influencer’, a person with whom has a voice to ‘influence’ their followers to follow trends, buy products or try new things.

Here are a few reasons why we believe using an online brand ambassador can help your business and brand.

1. Brand Ambassadors protect your reputation!

In cases of a bit of bad press. BAs are able to defend your brand against any defaming news or opinions about your business. They can act as a spokesperson for your brand, giving it a voice and enabling you to not only have your say, but change people’s opinions of you too.

2. BAs humanize your brand

Many successful businesses maintain ambassador events because consumers prefer buying from people rather than a faceless brand.

A powerful ambassador is able to assume the responsibility of a marketing team and sales representatives and if they personally have a large social media presence, you can utilise this and reach audiences perhaps you wouldn’t have been able to before.


3.  Social media Brand Ambassadors provide positive word of mouth

Due to the fact that this type of brand ambassador already has a robust online reach and professional affiliations within the industry, enlisting their help in creating awareness can be very beneficial, particularly if this BA is already a household name themselves. If you have 12 social media ambassadors with say 10,000 followers each, then effectively, your brand and merchandise can reach 120,000 followers with ease and what’s better? They are already engaged and listening!

4. Brand Ambassadors help grow your brand

The voice of the Brand ambassador serves the best to portray your brand in a positive light. If they have received an item from you that they love, what better way to promote that with someone who is already in high-esteem but loves the product themselves. This goes along way towards developing a positive public image for you and your brand.

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5. Brand Ambassadors increase traffic to your website

Most online brand ambassadors have either written their own blogs, created vlogs and even have websites of their own. However, if you enlist the help of an online brand ambassador, they can easily provide referrals and links to your company. This is a great way to initiate inbound traffic and reach potential consumers outside of your own channels.

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