5 ways a blog can help your business:

There are many benefits that blogging for your business can have but ensuring they are relevant and constructive is critical.

Publishing informal, well-written articles that are created with strategy and customer engagement in mind is what makes an effective blog.

Blogging helps to:

  • Draw online traffic
  • Nurture and convert customers
  • Keep current customers engaged
  • Differentiate you from other similar businesses
  • Grow demand and interest in your products and services

Blogging is super simple but can continue to provide benefits long after publication.

Here are five ways a blog can help your business:

Increase Traffic to your website:

A blog gives people a reason to regularly visit your site, particularly if it’s entertaining, informative, good quality content you are posting. It goes without saying, more people on your site can only lead to more potential custom and interest into your business.

Attract new customers:

Consider how you do research about a product on service online and what encourages you to engage with and buy a product.              You probably initially perform a Google search to view information and finding an informative blog or review can really sway a consumer’s opinion and ultimately play a factor in where you purchase from.

Turn your website into a destination:

One strategy for business blogging is to create a site that people want to engage with at their leisure. While some business blogs are going to need-based, plenty of businesses can create want-based blogs that people will be interested in reading during their free time. The key is to make your content interesting and engaging and overtime, you can create a connection with your readers from the tone and content of your blog.

Show and talk about what your business can do:

A blog can also act as an attractive portfolio. If you blog about specifics that are relevant to your own business and services, it enables readers and consumers to believe you are confident and knowledgeable about your profession. With a blog, a few high-quality images of your work, you can easily create a portfolio to direct potential clients to.

Give your business results long after the initial post:

Even months after a blog has been published it can continue to attract new leads and customers. Whilst it is still important to create new content, more than three quarters of consumers will read or review older posts to understand or learn more about a product or service. Not only that but older blogs naturally have gained an authority or ranking over time and naturally bring in organic traffic to a website.

Blogging is beneficial no matter where your customers are purchasing. Effective blogging will help you start attracting and nurturing leads, whilst capturing and engaging new customers.

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