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The Business Design Centre is a longstanding event venue in London. It’s a Grade II listed building located between Upper Street and Liverpool Road in the district of Islington. It was founded in 1862 and was originally named the Agricultural Hall and then later renamed as the Royal Agricultural Hall in 1884. 

The Business Design Centre has hosted galas, conferences, fundraisers, and numerous product launches. The venue is a hot spot for exhibitions, trade shows, and panels for future economic growth. It’s a popular tourist attraction with nine hundred thousand visitors and attendees annually.

52 Upper St, London, N1 0QH
020 7288 6475

History of the Business Design Centre


The building was initially intended to celebrate Smithfield Cattle Club Show, a growing and prospering activity at the time. It was located at Upper Street in Islington, with three acres of open, unoccupied land surrounding the venue.

Inside was a single-story building with an arched hood. It was specifically made to host agricultural shows. Thus, the roof and flooring plan provided optimal ventilation. Its execution was exemplary, given it hosted 135,000 attendees at one time.

The nature of the venue shifted to hosting different events throughout the years. It would host royal balls, circuses, military tournaments, and walking races. The Agricultural Hall was also granted special access to motor shows when automotive was introduced.

Unfortunately, the Second World War in 1939 brought desolation and neglect. The resources shifted to military use and hospitality occupancy. The Post Office took control of the building in 1943, which saw the demise of a historically appreciated venue.

However, the building was saved from being demolished and becoming a part of rubber in 1981. Sam Morris dedicated his professional life to restoring the Business Design Centre to its glory in October 1986. After the venue had passed occupancy checks and other compliances, it was reopened as a trade centre.

Business Design Centre
in the present day


Fast forward to today and the Business Design Centre has three floors at the centre with showrooms and conference halls scattered around the sides. Presently, it is home to at least a hundred businesses with reserved offices for promoting their businesses and using it as a central hub for international trading and stakeholder meetings.

However, one of the growing nature of events hosted at the Business Design Centre is technology-related. Large-scale conferences showcase smart devices and gadgets designed to make our lives a lot easier in the future. Regardless, The Business Design Centre is constantly welcoming local and international audiences who are captivated by the gravitas the venue offers.

Location of the Business Design Centre


The Business Design Centre is a short walk from Angel Tube Station and 10 minutes from Kings Cross St. Pancras International. The route hosts heavy traffic as the business holds events throughout the year. With over 300 events, the venue is expertly located equidistant from the City and Central London. The exterior offers a stylish attraction with a flexible schedule for banquets and conferences.


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