Make Your Summer Marketing HOT!

Many of our clients find that sales tend to slow down in the summer but here at Varii, we believe you can still add some sizzle to your brand by tailoring your marketing strategies to fit this season. Some businesses hold off on any marketing provisions in the summer, trying to survive until later seasonal […]

5 reasons why street team marketing could be what your marketing is missing!

Street team marketing could be for you if you’re looking for new marketing strategies in 2022. Rather than spending a fortune on flyering, events and paid ads, which doesn’t always work, a street team will engage with your customers where they work, play and live! Street team marketing is a form of experiential marketing where […]

5 On-trend Marketing Tips To Support Your Marketing Efforts.

Marketing is one industry that evolves so quickly. For any business owner, regardless of industry, it can be challenging to keep up to date with marketing best practices while being ahead of your competitors and engaging your demographic’s interest. Here we look at 5 on-trend and useful marketing tips we love, to support and optimize […]

The Importance of Content Marketing

Content is one of the first things that your customer connects with when approaching your brand. Impactful content carries your brand’s unique voice, your story, and your pitch across all platforms, so it’s vital your brand’s voice remains consistent at every customer touchpoint. Consistency also applies when you deploy content marketing. Your content needs to […]

Take the spotlight at trade shows with a brand ambassador.

When you’ve invested time, money and energy into showcasing your brand at a trade show, you’ll rightly want to ensure you reap the rewards for your efforts. Unfortunately, more often than not, we see many events fall short on brand presence at trade shows, especially if your competitors have stronger stands, offering more benefits and […]

Product Launching With Experiential Marketing.

Product launching can be one of the most exciting times for a brand. After spending countless hours developing, researching, testing, and fine tuning your ‘baby’, it’s now time to get it on the production line ready for your consumers… but before this happens, you need to cultivate a ‘hype’ around your product. Experiential marketing is […]

The Ingredients for a Successful Brand Ambassador Campaign

  After what has been a bizarre couple of years, finally a shift is in sight, and we are coming out of restrictions ready to get our lives back. Before the pandemic, brand ambassador promotions were the perfect tool to personify a brand, but with restrictions firmly in place, interaction in person had to be […]