How to find the best business idea?

Most people want to start a business with the next big idea. Practically the entire population of  entrepreneurs falls into one of two categories: Those who think they have the next great idea, or Those who are looking for the next great idea. Both of these types of entrepreneur think that having the next great […]

5 ways a blog can help your business:

There are many benefits that blogging for your business can have but ensuring they are relevant and constructive is critical. Publishing informal, well-written articles that are created with strategy and customer engagement in mind is what makes an effective blog. Blogging helps to: Draw online traffic Nurture and convert customers Keep current customers engaged Differentiate […]

Social Media Advertising: How to get the most out of your Ad budget

Social media advertising has vastly become a popular method of reaching your target audience – fast. In this short guide, we explain how to use various types of social media ads to maximize your results. All the major social networking platforms offer advertising options. It is often difficult for businesses to pinpoint which platform will […]

5 Reasons why your business needs Brand Ambassadors

Brand Ambassadors: Professional and credible brand ambassadors are able to offer many benefits. They can give a boost to your social media rankings, spread positive messages about your brand and influence sales. The most effective style of BAs are those able to provide customer service and act as a spokesperson for your product and services, […]

Marketing trends for small businesses

As a small business owner, you will probably be constantly reflecting upon ways to market your business. With technology rapidly evolving, it can be difficult to know where to invest your time, money and even where to start. In this blog we will share five marketing trends that we feel will be essential for small […]

Murphys Law Promotional Staff Varii

Let it be? Murphy’s Law

Providing Promo Work in Cheltenham Varii is a fresh, fast-moving promotional staffing agency which helps brands connect with consumers by providing professional & engaging event staff to represent them during their campaigns & events. We originally began in 2014 in Bristol and through the help of the Prince’s Trust we’ve expanded our reach to support brands nationally. Our team now proudly […]

Media Bike staff

The 7 P’s of Marketing

Marketing. How, what, when, who? Sometimes the very thought of Marketing can be somewhat daunting and where to even begin can seem almost overwhelming!  In an industry saturated with clever gimmicks and punchy lines, how does a business ensure they keep ahead of the competition and hook their target audience? You may or may not […]