5 Essential Event Planning Skills Every Event Planner Must Have

Event planning is a lucrative and exciting profession that requires a variety of abilities to thrive. Your ability to organise, communicate, and be creative will determine your success in the profession whether you are arranging an event with promotional staff, a wedding, or a music festival. This post will go through the top five event […]

Marketing vs Advertising: Which one will make you more money?

Is there anything more frustrating for a business owner than spending the hours, money and energy creating an outstanding advertising campaign, only to realize when looking at the data that it was totally unsuccessful! No one saw your creative, inspiring ad and you didn’t gain the increase in business that you were expecting. What went […]

What is event marketing?

Today’s market for the consumer poses the dilemma of countless pitches and advertisements a day, so when it comes to making purchasing decisions, you really need to catch the buyer’s attention on first sight. One particularly effective method of connecting with customers is through event marketing. Event marketing is the process of developing a themed […]

The Junk food Ad ban: does it target obesity or the advertising industry?

The media has been saturated with the revelation this week that pre-watershed junk food advertising could be culled in the hope of reducing childhood obesity. The advertising industry has been calling for the government to reconsider the ban, suggesting it could damage business recovery in the wake of the coronavirus. According to sources, prime minister […]

Is SEO Important for Small Businesses?

If you are a small business owner, you often feel like a jack of all trades. You are responsible for overseeing your finances, managing staff, and marketing your company to grow your business. Many small business owners feel overwhelmed at the thought of the endless responsibilities they manage, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) may not […]

Are promotional products worth investing in?

Promotional products have been in use as a cost-effective marketing tool for years. From new businesses to established companies, these giveaways are marketers’ favourite. Small and larger businesses recognize the importance of promotional products for reaching out to increasing number of people in a competitive market. The gift incentives entice the recipients and draw their attention […]

Quick promotion ideas to bring you money

Here are some basic types of promotion ideas: flash sales buy one, get… coupons or discounts giveaways or free samples recurring sales In theory, having a sale is easy enough for a small business: Take a service or product, discount it, get new customers, bring in more money. But in practice, sales promotions involve a high […]

Are mobile phone apps the future?

By 2025, the mobile industry will have 5.9 billion unique mobile subscribers or 71% of the expected population of the Earth. The modern smartphone user has an average of 35 mobile applications installed on the device. However, many of them are removed after the first use. Why you ask? It is widely agreed that its […]

How to gain business during Corona

Health concerns aside, it has now become clear that coronavirus will not pass without leaving some long-term business and economic consequences in its wake. While it might be tempting to focus on problem solving issues as they arise it’s crucial to plan for the future of your business and be fully prepared for what will […]

What to consider when starting an online business

When considering starting an online business, many people follow the below structure to cultivate success, make a business grow and create repeat custom over and over again: Find a need and fill it. Write copy that sells. Design and build an easy-to-use website. Use search engines to drive traffic to your site. Establish an expert […]